Jan 4, 2015

The Evergreen Railroad discovers Alaska!

Evergreen member Jim had his Alaska Railroad in attendance this afternoon at the unusual Saturday gathering  because Thursday was tied up in some calendar event called New Years.  Jim spent 40 years in Anchorage before moving to Spokane and saw the Alaska run just about every day.
One of Jim's trains was this 1999 version of Alaska passenger train you might see on TV called......wait for it.......Alaska Railroad!
Another top story at the club today was the unvailing of Marvin's  aircraft bodies train loads that pass through Spokane on a regular basis on its way to Everett, Washington to complete them into airplanes.
Besides the 2 aircraft bodies Marvin made the parts cars that accompany them in plain brown boxes so vandals don't put little round holes in the cars when they had the big Boeing logos on yellow cars.
Jim's Alaska freight train had numerous flat car loads of heavy equipment that is hauled on the real Alaska Railroad. Great job on them, Jim!
If Evergreen RR Modelers had a junior member other than Chuck it would be Peter who runs his trains for his dad as well as any member of the club. Atta boy, Peter!

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