Jan 10, 2015

The Burma Road has been eliminated by the Bowden brothers!

I showed up at the club this morning and Marvin and Jim were hard at work removing a section of track that was called the Burma Road by some. (It's a WW2 thing if you don't understand.) It had a low spot in it and was the topic of concern.  Jim holds his hand underneath to find out what was wrong.
They were still at it when I came back to the club 7 hours later and most of it was completed including a new crossover so operations can have the inside track now serve the lumber mill.

Thursday January 15th at 6:15 pm
The magic of making molehills into mountains will be revealed so just about anyone who wants to build mountains can learn how to do it from Jerry Quinn. Please, no
questions on electrical or plumbing problems.
Using Photoshop this is what it will turn into. I will show how to build the basics, arrange the rock castings, connect them all and add "Oatmeal" to make ground cover for trees and bushes and grass. No reservations and please keep down the applause! Questions? 

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