Feb 24, 2014

Touring the Northside - Part 2

Our second stop yesterday was at Ron P's home where this impressive cabinet held a number of very highly detailed models. Those wall plaques are impressive so well, hey, I made them! They go back to the good old days of me silkscreening them on 1/4 inch Masonite panels.
Ron's layout is divided into 2 rooms which this one is the largest with a rail yard holding locos, cabooses, (what are they?) and rolling stock from Ron's favorite railroads. See plaques!
What impresses me the most were the islands of highly detailed areas. Ron explained that he builds them on 1/4 inch plywood and installs them complete into a place designated and his layout. Smart!
If I remember correctly Ron has 35 buildings of craftsman quality on the layout and I don't doubt it.
Sticks and stones never looked better!
Dozens of places the buildings are a thing of amazement! If I lived closer to Ron I would be over there helping him with connecting the locations with scenery and ground cover. But he lives 20 miles away!
A very impressive mountain scene and Ron matched the mountain with a photo mural from the Colorado Rockies. Without the plywood you would think it is a real photo of a real spot in Colorado. I wonder if he was rooting the the Denver Broncos?
The loco and the bridge is impressive but look at the water! I love it!

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