Feb 22, 2014

Upcoming events for the club - Revise

Several members said last night that they did not get this important e-mail so I am sending it again. Jerry
THURSDAY, FEB 20th   1 to 9 pm run trains, do weathering clinic, etc.
SATURDAY, FEB 22nd  11 am  Tour of Northside layouts. See e-mail.
TUESDAY FEB 25th  1 to 6 pm – club activities, work on port district, clean track, ballast.
THURSDAY FEB 27th 1 to 9 pm –run trains, etc.
WEEKDAY?  FEB ?    Dismantle Liberty Lake home layout for resale. Who wants to help?
SATURDAY, MARCH 1st - 1 pm – ? Move sections from Liberty Lake to Don's house?
                                                  Kent will allow us to use his trailer.
TUESDAY MARCH 4th - 1 to 6 pm – Clean train club room
THURSDAY MARCH 6th – Get club ready for open house.
SATURDAY MARCH 8th – 12 noon? Move inventory to train show building and set up.
                                            5 pm to 9 pm – Open House at club. media notified.
SUNDAY MARCH 9th   –    Breakfast at 7 am at IHOP.
                                           8 am - Get tables ready for customers.
TUESDAY, MARCH 11th  –  Club activities, etc.
THURSDAY, MARCH 13thBusiness Meeting, discuss finances, new member approvals, future.

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