Feb 6, 2014

3 guys from Spokane go to New Jersey to see a football game in February?

Sleeping with the enemy...well sort of!
Random shots of travelers in the Denver airport on Thursday 1/30. Peace and harmony were everywhere!  It turns out that the 3 point underdog could have spotted the Broncos 34 points
and still could have won the bets!
After all we landed in Denver and they had 100% more Bronco shirts than we did. I have been watching old TV shows now that I am home and everything was picking Denver over Seattle by as much as 10 points!
Newark Airport has a monorail system to get us from the terminals to the car rental place. The adventure begins!
A fair and balanced bus graphic...imagine that in New York City! Or is it New Jersey where the game was played!
We found a motel room in New York State about 40 miles from the stadium and Burt poses with a CSXT police car at our place. I wonder how they knew where I was staying?
Our first stop when we got our car out of Newark Airport was at my favorite pizza place in the whole world was Pizza Town. I made two converts with Burt and Kent as to the flavor and taste of the place. Cleanliness was not in the judging!

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