Feb 6, 2014

We visit Hoboken terminal built by the Lackawanna Railroad, now NJ Transit.

One of many diesel powered units that work the North Bergen line that does not have overhead wires.
The control tower that my nephew Kevin works in is where we are headed this morning. The infrastructure of towers and wires is impressive.
Plenty of equipment is still around even through it is 11 am and most of the trains have brought in the commuters by now. Around 3 pm the flow starts going north and west and south.
The view from the tower is impressive as we can see the Liberty tower heads above all the other buildings.  The tower at the edge of the river is the Lincoln or Holland tunnel venting system from New Jersey to New York City.
A power set moves through the complex of switches in the yard and they must be a real nightmare to keep in good order.
Kent, Burt and my brother Ed head for the train station itself. The power unit is a French built machine that Kevin says are unreliable because the computer systems can't take the pounding they get working the lines.

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