Feb 6, 2014

Visiting the Lackawanna station at Hoboken, NJ

The official name of the railroad was the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western as this emblem shows.
Built in 1890 as a grand edifice for departing New Jersey to the west like far away Chicago, Buffalo, and heaven forbid Montana!
The roof even got a lot of attention in this stained glass roof. It is on the scale of European styles.
This east side of the waiting room goes to the Hudson River where in the old days ferry boats made the trip back and forth. Look at the work in those seats!
The doors to the west went to the trains waiting for customers.
A policeman pointed out the high water mark as you can see the dirtier look about 5 feet from the floor. That's what happened when Hurricane Sandy stopped by last year and knocked out service.
Upon arrival to the station you can buy a ticket for the subway that goes under the Hudson River and drops you off under the old World Trade Center on the New York side.
The reader board tells the riders which track is the train you want depending on where you are heading.
The locomotive is on the other end as all trains have the power heading west. Upon returning to Hoboken the engineer sits in this end of the car and operates the train with the loco now in push operation.

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