Dec 1, 2013

Saturday turns into a strange day for train running! PART 1

Is anyone out there old enough to remember GM's attempt to save the passenger train?  If you do you are no spring chicken. it was an attempt to use bus bodies for lightweight passenger cars with the streamlining of a 1954 Buick. Well, Mr, Phil Pesek has purchased a set to please the crowd at Evergreen RR Modelers!  You be the judge if it worked!
This is the tail car with fluted aluminum fins. What more could anyone want? I would have liked riding in it for the backwards view of the countryside! That's not considered trespassing is it?
Without getting any major media help we still got about 40 visitors during our Open House. Everyone seemed to have a good time including many children.
John Smith had his 2 steamers making their way across Heimerdinger bridge on Mt. Whitney. That headlight was bright!
Full sized passenger trains were running as well as Mike Baker had his long set of GN Enpire Builder cars making their way over Marias Pass in Montana.
The Milwaukee Road was well represented with a switcher doing delivery of cars on the Green Branch. His Milw. Bi-Centennial SD-40-2 #156 had a local freight on the main line.

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