Dec 1, 2013

Strange events at Saturday's Open House. PART 2

What could be more strange than a 4 unit set of GP9s in Texas & Pacific colors on a mountain railroad? Other than the GM bus train? They may look out of place but they sure look good and Steve Welton surprised us with this collection.
We catch Steve's T&P train passing under the steam engines on the Green Branch bringing back logs from the wilds of Mt. Whitney
Milwaukee trains race each other south but my money is on the big engine getting to Avery, Idaho first. The mountain panels were painted by Ron Peterson, cut out and dropped behind the bridges. The easy way to do it as opposed to painting directly on the wall.
Our layout is doubletracked in the front of the layout to allow opposing trains to pass in the night. When they get to the tunnels then it goes to single track and it is protected with senors that do not allow 2 trains on that section of track.  No head ons to say the least.
It looks like I didn't get to level out the photo before I reduced it to this managable size. Is that a plastic bag in the shot? I didn't see it untill now! So much for believability!

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