Dec 20, 2013

Remember this model?

Remember this model? A guest several weeks ago brought in this model of a Burlington Route GP7 #261. What's the big deal about that particular engine I asked?
Here is the real CB&Q #261 in living color working on the Eastern Washington Gateway Railroad in Cheney, Washington, about 10 miles west of Spokane. My contact tells me that when is all said and done with its service life it might go back to the Illinois Railway Museum for a restoration to its original paint job! That would be nice as this one is awful!
Burt and I visited Bruce yesterday and toured the yard that had ex-Rio Grande, ex Union Pacific, tunnel motors as their mainstay power.
I don't think the EWG has a tunnel on the railroad but the advantage of that model is that it sucked in cool air from the bottom instead of the top of the locos where smoke and heat were more likely and would overheat the engines in long tunnels and snowsheds in the west. Say, there's no motor in this one? I'm so confused?

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