Nov 30, 2013

Working on the port side

Scotty has been soldering the extra wires to the port switches and is now installing them along with Burt assisting.
The most important leg of the switch tree is the one that goes to the port's adjustable leveler for the tides and other factors that a level connection cannot be used. We can now figure out if we want to have a three track or a two track barge system depending on the need the have that end piece in use. I think a 2 track system is all we need. The track will be level with steel planking.
Big Mike Applegate promised to stop by during the holiday season with time off from the Kracking of North Dakota. Mike must be admiring our 3 tier system of having different railroad systems included in the scenery without anyone noticing what we acomplished.  Too much railroad.?...Nahhhhh!
I made today a pre-merger day with 2 of my three SP&S Alco Century C-424s making the rounds on the Blue Main.
It's good to hear Alcos growling again as they had an distintive sound that you knew what was coming bafore they got to the photo spot. Tom had his EMD switcher running the other way.

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