Dec 29, 2013

Open House Results and Update!

I was certain that the news release to the media would generate some response but that photo in the newspaper really helped our attendance for our Christmas Open House! This is taken about 1 pm, the announced time the open house would start.
We had a good turnout of members to handle the crowd including Rick, Mike Baker, Jim, Spike, Keith, Don, Scotty, Skip and myself.
Jim Bowden laughs it up with a guest and the others seem to be enjoying it as well. We had a wide representation of people including a lot of kids!
The port district now has track laid out for member approval. The cardboard mockup is for a real fishing village bait shop along the water's edge!
Here's the first glimpse of the wharf that Burt built but some of us think that we need to double up on piers to handle the weight of the crane that will travel up and down the wharf. The water still needs to be colorized!
Jim's Santa fe 4-8-4 makes its way past the port tracks that feed into the barge area, the crane area and the other industries that occupy the district. That road crew is still not done with the road crossing!

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