Dec 21, 2013

Making things look real!

Steve Welton stopped by on Thursday to show me his latest project to make his rolling stock look more real. I think he has accomplished it with the application of using the powdered black stuff and wiping it almost clean. The tone is impressive. Maybe we can talk Steve into a clinic one of these nights?
Direct from the manufacturer are these 2 Milwaukee Road switch engines doing some local work to need two of them.  Why else would they be so clean, Don?
Tommy Frank ran his BNSF power after being absent for a few months from some surgery. Welcome back Tommy!
Chad Geissler showed up on crutches ( knee problem) Thursday night with this beautiful SP 4-8-4 making the rounds. It has a smoke feature that looked pretty good but i didn't catch it right to show in this photo. It had sound as well and was impressive.
I finished up detailing the 10 or so ore cars we acquired for the club. I added the red ore (taconite?) weathered them and added numbers since they stay on the company property I didn't see the need to indicate who owned them.
Scotty Smith put some hours in this week by installing a number a switches for the port district yard leads. Scotty also added extra wires to avoid any loss of power thru the frogs as some smaller engines may have a problem through them. Burt is building the piers so that may get installed next week as well.

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