Jul 6, 2013

The SP&S rides again ....in smaller scale!

When Keith showed up Tuesday for the evening run session he hauled out his 2 brand new Baldwin switchers and I knew I had 3 a kind to beat 2 of a kind!
While his 2 Baldwins made it around the layout my 3 SP&S RS-1s did a smokin good job of catching up.
My Alcos made good time to catch up to the Baldwins so it would not be long before the two sets met.
Wait a minute? They were running in opposite directions. He was going west to Wishram and I was going east to Spokane. Funny I didn't see the Columbia
River to my right but never mind. It was all in my mind anyway.
The final shot is my caboose putting out a fair amount of smoke as the Photoshop God intended.

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