Jul 8, 2013

The edge of the earth has been banned from the Evergreen Railroad!

Lloyd Peacock came by on Saturday and trotted out 3 of his 6 Dash 9 units to run his coal train around the Blue Main. I got him to stop the train at  different locations by the edge of the earth was showing in the first 2 shots and that was not appropriate so Mr. Photoshop was employed to help!
His 100 plus ( I think it really was only 10 cars ) coal cars, but just like the big guys, it needs this pusher in the rear of the train to keep it on schedule so it does not slow down Amtrak's Empire Builder in getting to Seattle on time. Imagine that!
Coal trains keep our trade balance from getting out of hand so move those coal trains to the coast! Notice you can't see its only 10 cars!
Moving the camera with the speed of the train has the cab numbers almost in focus as opposed to stopping and shooting at 1/30 of a second.
Just so it is not all BNSF on this e-mail, I added the Burlington Route Zephyr with a little Photoshop adding a little smoke and rust to make it not all shiny and new as the background has a UP Gas Turbine so it is not 1935 anymore. More like 1955.

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