Jul 6, 2013

Looks like its a Milwaukee Day on the Evergreen!

New member Don Carnegie ran his GP Milwaukee Road unit with little regard to the environmental impact of the need for a ring job.
Chad Giessler ran his beautiful steam engine with natural gas and left no smoke! Now that's what I call a good American!  Don's GP unit must have ran out of fuel?
Once that GE unit gets going there will be no clear skies in Evergreen Railroad territory!
Chad's SP 4-8-4 Northern puts out only clean H2O as it burns a little electric to get going.
Allan added another building to the gas plant and if he can get the switches then the track crew will come in! The unpainted panel will hold a clear plastic
Remember the company that "brings good things to life"? Good old GE burns up the fuel and makes for a grey sky. They are going to love GE in China!
I watched a passing BNSF freight the other day when I spotted this unusual 4 dome tank car I never saw before. That means it has 4 containers inside?

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