Jul 31, 2013

Memories of the Northern Pacific

I had a conversation with our new member Calvin and he mentioned that he saw a bunch of steam engines at Parkwater when he was a kid. I said I have a photo of them from Fancher bridge. The year must have been 1958 and all steam is now dead on the Northern Pacific and they are waiting to be hauled off for scrap. The 2 water towers to the left were taken down about 10 years ago still with the NP monad on them.
The NP Minnetonka was stored at the Parkwater roundhouse in Spokane for many years before they shipped it off to a Duluth museum. That's my oldest son who is the N scale Guru on buildings that you see photos of his stuff.  Where's the BNSF cops when you need them?
The original NP station in Spokane but you won't see it this way. When the tracks were elevated in 1914 it became a one story depot from trackside as this is all fill today where the passenger cars are located. Ah, progress!  It is now an Amtrak station as the old NP is now the route of Amtrak through the Northwest.  The smoke is not Photo shopped!

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