Jun 23, 2013

Tacoma and Switzerland are similar in one way.

This railroad must be on a par with the clean locomotives I saw 2 years ago in Switzerland. The Tacoma Rail is a local entity that does switching and transfer work in the Tacoma area.  The 4001 is a GP unit with 4 axles and the 3001 is a SD with 6 axles.  Built by the same loco manufacturer EMD, they have a family look.
They even have a few passenger cars but I don't know where or when they would use them. It must be above my pay grade.
Note this one is a switcher with a white body and a red stripe.
This bad boy was off by itself and has a red body with a white stripe. I wonder if the shop crew got confused and did it opposite the instructions
or maybe it just looks better and besides it's their railroad just like us modelers make up stuff on a whim!
Shooting from a moving car we crossed over this bridge with a very organized yard for BNSF.
Just to show all is not nice and clean and shiny this Temco switcher has seen better days...but not for a long time has it turned a wheel!
My final shot of the day was when Burt and I got back to Western Washington at Davenport, Washington and found this SD-40- dash 2 sitting on the
siding ( or is it the main line ) of the local Palouse River & Coulee City Railroad. ( I'm not even sure of that ) WRIX means something! Ex UP loco I would guess.

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  1. Just for your info, the BNSF yard seen from the passing car is Auburn Yard, which used to be a major Northern Pacific yard in the Seattle area. BNSF recently rebuilt the yard and uses it primarily as a staging yard for empties waiting for crews to go over Stampede Pass or for loaded coal trains heading to Canada.

    There is also a pretty hefty MofW presence in the yard, with car repairs being done on the east side of the yard (to the left in the photo). The signal department also has a facility there and there are several signal parts laying around as well.