Jun 19, 2013

Visiting sunny Bremerton, Washington

This weekend, 4 of us guys from Spokane and Wenatchee, Washington visited Bremerton Naval Base while the main reason was to attend a model train  show. The photos of these ships do not do them justice as to the size of these monsters! The one on the right was numbered 61 which we think is the Constellation.
This one was lettered so no guessing is needed. It's the Kitty Hawk and I remember this one involved in the rescue of the guys coming back from space shots and being picked up by this ship.
The other ships were numbered #64 and #63. All of them retired or mothballed except the Stennis that is the far away ship. That ramp in the foreground I walked on back in 1996 with a Boy Scout troop from New Jersey that my brother and his scout leaders brought with them on a 2200 mile tour of the Northwest. At that time it was the Battleship Missouri to the right and the Battleship New Jersey was where the Kitty Hawk is birthed.
Remember this ship. We think it was the Turner Joy. Remember this one? The North Vietnamese Navy approached this ship at high speed and they shot at their torpedo boats. Was it real? It got us to commit ground troops to Vietnam back in the good old days. To some, the ship needed to be sunk before we believe it happened.

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