Jun 22, 2013

Checking out the Tacoma rail scene.

Burt approaches Mike and Sid on the bridge overlooking the Tacoma yard. That turntable used to belong to the Northern Pacific and it had a roundhouse that had curved top doors. The engine house was slated to be torn down the following day. I got a picture of it somewhere.
A Union Pacific freight goes north but I was not in a position to shoot it so all I got was the yard.
This auto rack looked strange to be in all aluminum paint with a very small logo on it. What could it be?
it's the world's smallest logo on a freight car! 3 little Kansas City Southern logos were attached below the 125th anniversary symbol. I know guys who
would want to see this!
The other side of the bridge was the old Tacoma Union Station! I seem to remember this spot in my younger days!
Back 40 years ago I caught an Amtrak departing Tacoma station in 1972.  Compare this photo with the one above. It got saved from demolition and is now used as a Court House if I remember right.

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