Jun 22, 2013

City of towers!

This scene caught my eye and got Mike to stop the car so I could take it. That's Mount Rainier overlooking the  city and if ever went active Tacoma would be like that town in Italy that got buried 1200 years ago. What I really noticed then were all the different cranes that were all around me.
These guys are strictly for lifting containers which is the modern way to move them from ship to train or trailer. Containers also keep the longshoremen from getting their grubby hands on the new toys, TVs and electronics that we receive from overseas.
Heavy lifting is done this way with the Shuttlelift system. The other option is to employ 10,000 gorillas to do the job.
These bad boys reach out over a ship and lift the cargos, mostly containers, out of the hold and on the the flat cars to haul east.

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