Jun 20, 2013

Look what I found!

I knew there was something at Airway Heights near Fairchild Air Force base in the way of locomotives but didn't know how much was there.  This modern Canadian National caboose caught my eye first with its 2 smoke stacks. Does it get that cold up there to need 2 stoves?
Most of it was second generation stuff with railroad names on them that I never heard of. There were only EMD locos, no Baldwins, no Alcos.
It's prior owner was the famous Santa Fe. Who is Billy?  Billy Carter?
#324 is ready to put your name on the side of this loco and drive it away. All of these units are for sale or lease. Bring your checkbook.
Never heard of the Oregon Pacific but I do now.  WRIX initials were on most equipment.
Some 30 years ago the big railroads started to shed many of their branch lines and that created all these short lines without unions to run them. If the unions were included I would guess the railroads would have failed on financial issues.

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