Jun 4, 2016

Steve Weso record shattered by upstart Jim Bowden!

The world record for train length at the Evergreen club was shattered Thursday my Jim Bowden with
his 7 Northern Pacific locos. Jim started out with a 75 car train set to prove the engines could handle it
and continued to add cars.
The long train was impressive enough but it soon was going to get better.
Jim kept adding as the power was sufficient to keep pulling the longer and longer train..
And here it is folks....126 cars including a caboose! You can see the caboose going the other way just above the silver car on the front of the train. It loops
around the entire Mt. Whitney mountain, port district, Old Town and past Blue Main yard. And it stayed on the rails!
Marvin had 3 of his modern power pulling a freight train but not as long as Jim's.
Burt had his only "modern" locomotives running the main as Burt prefers the 1930 era with little steam engines.

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