Jun 8, 2016

Jimmy Bowden gets all steamed up!

When Jim Bowden joined the Evergreen club some 7 years ago he was a Lionel guy with a storage room with lots of good looking O scale stuff.  Now everything Jim does is first class including
today's running session with 2 magnificent HO scale steam engines, both with sound!
His Northern Pacific steam engine is a good looking copy of their passenger power that pulled the
North Coast Limited or the Mainstreeter in the 1940s and 50s. Today is is practicing with freight cars.
The other engine is a jewel of a model in HO scale of a Great Northern 4-8-4 steam engine that
pulled the Empire Builder or the Western Star from St. Paul to Seattle with a stop here in little old Spokane.
There was more action on the club layout with opposing sets of Spokane, Portland & Seattle freight
engines passing each other from time to time as I looked to see where they would meet.
As I was setting up for another shot of the 2 sets of SP&S power this Great Northern freight past by. The era
was still valid so no harm, no foul, besides it gave me something to say!
Both SP&S freights had cabooses but they are not prototype as you expert rivet counters are going to spot
that the SP&S did not have steel bay window cabooses and the other caboose did not have the right sheathing.
After all it's not like I called them B-26s or something evil.

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  1. Steam locomotives of HO scale smoke. Great Northern 4-8-4 is one of them. Great work, Jimmy Bowden!