Dec 28, 2015

Open House action PART 2

Terry Frank's grandson was running Terry's train during the open house and did a terrific job of keeping them running on time.  This is where future modelers come from!
Fast disappearing from the railroad scene is the BN colors as units get retired and the Orange units take over the world.
GN and NP get into a race for getting into Spokane on time. Both railroads were special to me.
Both used the Bobtail or Canoe design for their tailcars. I rode on these type of tailcars on the New York Central in 1967 along the Hudson River and the other time was in 1976 from New Orleans to Chicago (Amtrak) on the Illinois Central tracks. They were special cars for us railfans.
 Our new shirts were in evidence at the club yesterday so we showed our colors for the event.

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