Dec 27, 2015

Christmas comes early to Jerry Quinn

At the Tuesday gathering at the Evergreen train club Marvin implored me to show up at the Wednesday night guys that run trains during that time. So tonight I showed up to find out if I was facing a firing squad or something else. It turned out that Jim, Marv, John and Steve Welton wanted to thank me for doing a good job as President and e-mail provider to the club members.
They all chipped in to buy me an SP&S 700 jacket that celebrates one of the few steam engines in the country that still works for a living. There are 4 guys in the train club that are ardent SP&S modelers and I guess I am now one of them. I so appreciate their thoughtfulness as I try to make the club a special place from all the bad stuff going on in our country and the world. Merry Christmas everyone!
A special locomotive is this modern diesel that is in a special paint scheme for the Canadian National.  Jim Bowden is an Alaska modeler and Canada is near Alaska so it makes sense.
The MRL and the Canadian National get into something of a drag race as each other tries to take the lead out of Bakersville, which may be near Canada or better yet the CN is making a run through Montana.
Steve Welton had 3 big Union Pacific SD70s on the point of his freight train as it departs Blue Yard
and heads for the wide open spaces.
Trains tend to get long at these special gatherings as this photo shows. It also shows that our guys have the couplers and truck swing just right to have this kind of performance.

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