Dec 21, 2015

Not another Open House! 12/26/2015

What better time could there be for an Open House the day after Christmas?  It's Saturday,  Dec. 26th from 1 to 6 pm and folks with family might find it the best place to be after Christmas. Our normal Thursday event has been cancelled as that is Christmas Eve! We are at 18213 East Appleway in the Spokane Valley. Take exit 283 Barker Road and go south 3 blocks to Appleway, then go 3 blocks west (right turn ) to Greenacres Shopping Center. We are right in the middle of the strip mall.
More of what we ran last Thursday and we may luck out and have Thomas The Tank Engine make a cameo appearance!
I told you that we had a SI caboose on the tail of that UP train!

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