Dec 27, 2015

Christmas and model trains! What a combination!

Union Pacific freight train with one of those famous B units ( no cab ) journeys past Beaver Canyon at the front of the layout.
Terry Frank showed up for the club's Christmas Open House and it was terrific to see him there with this train.
Marvin surprised everyone with this working rotary plow for the Northern Pacific Railroad. Look at the blades spinning while the train was stopped.
3 passenger trains come together as MRL executive train passes 2 of my favorite trains, the NP North Coast Limited and the Empire Builder traveling in different directions.
Looking up under the Beaver Canyon bridge we see the brand new Montana Rail Link power scaring the hell out of that idiot fisherman trying to find his dinner in the creek below.
Rio Grande also joined in the action as the eras clash with the other passenger trains still working for a living.
Another passenger train owned by Don Carnegie is the Milwaukee Road local that is waiting for a green block from the semaphore signal. We had about 15 club members and some 30 visitors show up for our open house the day after Christmas. I thought it was a very good event for everyone.

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