Apr 10, 2015

Thursday night action...so we must be in Spokane!

Our newest edition to Evergreen is the cattle pens and we are now filling up the place with real cattle! Well almost real. The driveway is nearly complete along with the rail crossing to get into here.
Scotty showed up with an impressive collection of CP locomotives and lots of Canadian grain cars.
Keith had a set of SP&S and BN locos on his train including this #2085 that he actually ran the real one on the BNSF.
Keith also had his favorite F units pulling a SP&S passenger train through it spaces.
Burt keeps adding more trees to the new forest we are creating towards to back of the layout. here will be a log reloader up there on the flat to get the logs on the trains for the mill.
Chuck showed up this evening and ran his Southern Pacific 4-8-2 around with a terrific sound system. Once you go sound you'll never go back to quiet!

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