Apr 10, 2015

The Amazing Wesolowski

The Evergreen club had a special visitor this afternoon and Steve brought in some of his prize models to show us what he has been doing. His first offering to show off was this Montana rail Link SD40-2 model in HO.
These units get into Spokane from time to time and Steve has the details on his models almost as good as the real ones.
Working headlights, working blinker, extra real chain on the railings, hoses everywhere, lift handles coupler chain, grabs, etc. Nice work!
His next item was this lumber car showing off the tie down cables just like the real ones.
Must have just come form the factory?
Another was this SP&S wood car for wood chips including some that dropped into the girders!
A few MRL empties done very well. Steve should be an inspiration to all of us modelers to reach up to the next level of modeling our favorite railroad items.

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