Sep 22, 2014

Variety on the rails

Member Skip showed up last week with this 4-4-0 unlettered and clean as a whistle. I volunteered my time to get it right by adding the Great Northern lettering and a little weathering for a new look.
Mr. Milwaukee Don has a long train working the Blue Main with a rare F45 in the middle of his power.
John Smith was a proud parent of a 4 unit set of Western Pacific F units for his California Zephyr passenger set. He waited 2 years to receive it!
Business must be good as NP had 6 units on the head end for a long train.
We had an impromptu swap meet last week and Mike Walcker showed to see what was for sale.
Chad showed up with his 4-8-4 Southern Pacific that really has steam/smoke on the model. Lots of variety seems to show up every week.

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