Sep 4, 2014

NP rules on Tuesdays!

When I came into the club on Tuesday Marvelous Marvin had his Northern Pacific trains running the rails. So I set up for a meet at Coyote Gulch ( I think that what Mike Applegate called it? ) to catch all 3 NP trains in one shot.
The 3605 is on the Blue main and the other is on the Red Main so we could have the guys run their trains without worrying about running into each other. The little red flags are for the sensors so 3605 can enter the 1 track tunnel system on the eats wall and not have another train coming at him as it would be in the mountain and tunnel areas that we can't see. Only one train at a time can be in that block.
Marvin also had our club power pulling our track cleaning cars which consist of a vacuum car and the liquid car to clean the rails with track cleaning solutions and an abrasive pad. The lead engine also has sound so you always know where it is!
Two trains pass the lumber mill in the front section of the layout.
Going to the club I saw this 1929 Chevrolet putting down Sullivan Road and it pulled into a gas station so I doubled back to take a photo. The old gentleman was pleased that I stopped to do this and I was too.
What do you call this? A 4 door sedan that's a semi-convertible. There must be an official name for it?

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