Sep 30, 2014

Save the Santa Fe 3751 from a facelift!

There's a member in our train club that wants to take this beautiful Santa Fe northern and turn it into a Great Northern loco.  Cards and letters, post cards and signs, pitchforks and torches will be needed to stop this travesty on Thursday!
Tom Kirk purchased 8 more Rio Grande passenger cars from me last week so he took it for a ride On Thursday.
Union Pacific had a number of 2 toned grey passenger locos for their operations to Portland, Oregon but this one is pulling a freight train!  Yikes, what will the rivet counters think?
Another run with Tom Kirk's passenger train makes a stop at Bakersville station to pick up a few customers.
The Milwaukee Road still lives on the Evergreen Railroad as Mike Baker showed up with his freight units.  The Milwaukee Road still doesn't have a wash rack?
New and improved! We acquired a new desk for the DCC computer table that is a better desk that's' longer with 4 drawers and a bit narrower that allows the chair to slide under and out of the way.

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