Sep 13, 2014

FW: Railfanning 101 - Part 2

Here's that same Up train we ended the last e-mail with as a wide shot on the Scribner curve.
Mike and Claudiu talked to a nice guy who stopped to see what we are doing. it turns out that he works for the company that picks up crews on the road that can't make it back to their destinations and need a lift. 
Burt shows off the new look for railfans with orange suspenders and a red shirt.  In the distance are Don and Keith in the Model T with another car that stopped to see what was going on.
This BNSF train had 4 covered hoppers going somewhere fast but we were running out of time and everyone wanted to go to another spot.
The Marshall Bridge is a good spot, its high above the tracks, good lighting and a moving grain train to boot. Just above the hillside was a stopped coal train that we saw moving when we were heading home!
This going away shot is from the other side of the bridge looking west and in the distance is the old NP yard that was part of the NP branch to Lewiston, Idaho. It is now run by the Palouse River and Coulee City RR.
Don and Keith get the Model T out of the weeds and we head for home. Don had the buggy backfire a few times and I remember that they did that sort of thing back then.

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