Sep 1, 2014

Remember the BN Railroad...the friendly line!

Oh how I miss the BN green on F units and Geeps. here we have a collection of them heading the wrong way on the flow of traffic that I see going the other way on eastbounds. Latah bridge is just to the left. I-90 is in the background and lovely Spokane as well. 
Last week someone complained about the railroads on the front page of the Review. Like they go too fast at 79 MPH through Spokane plus other gripes. It was full of mis-statements and lies. Here is a sign at Yardley back in the day that limits passenger and freight trains. On top of that downtown Spokane has a 25 MPH rule plus the (2) passenger trains (Amtrak) has to stop at the station so they start at 0 to go either way.  The foreign power were passing through BN territory.
 Remember the personalized trailers that BN put on the rails? I don't know if Spokane was one of them but there were many cities featured. They are all gone including the BN AMERICA containers.
As the non-official BN photographer of the day here I am shooting 2 F45s in 2 color schemes including the latest being in BN colors. No one said boo to me as I certainly was not a worker in my office clothes.
And the winner of the ugly BN caboose scheme is........? This one of kind color scheme was at Whitefish yard scaring all the moose and bears away.
 Remember the first AC power units on the BN? Now they are as common as thieves in Chicago, IL. My son rode these units to Pasco when he was a brakeman and I caught them on the way back east passing Erie St. yard in downtown Spokane.

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