Aug 10, 2014

Visiting the Hauser Yard fuel depot in Idaho

Five members of the Evergreen RR club decided to go on a tour of the area which our first stop was the fuel depot in Hauser. Since Keith works for the railroad he was our point man in getting past the gate.
An empty coal train was on track #1 where trains traveling from Chicago to Seattle fuel up so they can get back to get another load. Usually there are 2 or 3 units on the point with 1 or 2 in helper or pusher service.  When they built it in the late 80s not too many trains had pushers So when the lead units are filled up the train needs to move the entire train until the trailing units can then get fuel. It slows up the process and many trains have to wait to get turn at the spigot.

Keith points out what a FRED looks like and these units were bad ordered. They attach to the rear of the train and tells the engineer that he has air which means control of the train!
Marvin takes to photo of Burt, Jerry, Claudiu and Keith so we don't forget we were here!
I took this photo to show how it lays out. Building #5 is where the locomotives are seen.

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