Aug 27, 2014

Orange is the color of the day!

Don Carnegie put this odd collection together today and I asked him what the caboose was for. It was a test run of his equipment so no real answer was needed.
Tommy Frank had 2 of his 3 BNSF GEs pulling a long freight train as the one needed an oil change.
Don's power was an E7 in the original paint scheme with the maroon stripe with the President of the railroad trying to figure out how to save the company. Maybe the Vice Pres. is in the caboose?
Keeping with the orange theme I ran into this set up on Railroad Avenue just south of the Yardley yard in Spokane. The unit is an ex-GP30 now a GP39 in the current paint scheme. The rear unit belongs to some obscure railroad that was eaten by the Santa Fe. The sign below the engine number says that it is a remote loco that can be run from the ground crew. Yikes!

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