Aug 20, 2014

The carpeted club! Plus the skirted club as well.

We have been at our club location for almost 6 years (Sept 1  2008) and we finally got new carpet installed! Kevin the carpet guy is shown finishing up the back side of the layout. No he's not a plumber!
Matching the design straight wise and angle wise was a challenge for Kevin but he came through. That red thing is a roller weight to get out any air bubbles and lumps. We have under-layout lights so when one of us needs to do maintenance we can see what we are doing! The skirting was removed for the carpet install.
So now it's all running trains and stuff as Calvin runs his beautiful 4-6-6-4 Challenger past Keith's new C-425 SP&S units.
They ran nicely but sound is in the future.
The yards were full of foreign power as this Western Pacific F unit set was in need of fuel or something.
Marvin loaded up some of my locos into the roundhouse as they were hanging around looking for their welfare checks.....those bums!

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