Aug 14, 2014

Searching for the electrics when there were electrics to chase.

I was searching through my slide collection, now CD collection, including the famous Chuck Heimerdinger photos and realized how much traveling he did back in the early 60s mostly in the west and Canada. Chuck made it to Arizona to catch the Black Mesa coal business with modern electrics.
Chuck is well known for his trip up to Washington and Montana and here he caught all 3 mainline power selections in one place. This is the Deer Lodge yard where a Little Joe, Boxcab and Bi-Polar electrics gather for their next assignment. The yellow was the Milwaukee making a deal with UP and some passenger assignments they cooperated on.
Up the road from Deer Lodge was the Butte, Anaconda & Pacific. They made it to Butte and Anaconda but fell short on the Pacific portion. They hauled ore from the mine in Butte to the smelter in Anaconda. At one time I had the headlight to the #65.
More modern than the boxcabs on the BA&P were there unique diesel looking things with pantographs on top. The yellow thing to the left is a line repair car, non electric for good reasons.
Back in the trolley days these cars were common but on the Yakima Valley Traction it was unique.
In California the Big Red cars of Los Angeles were well known but General Motors took care of them with some shifty deals. 

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