May 5, 2013

Valleyford celebrates the S&IE Railroad that served it many years ago.

The little town of Valleyford located south of Spokane used to have railroad service some 60 years ago yet the town still remembers the good times.  They put on a show with the local town folks with memories on how they got on the train to go to the big city of Spokane back in 1940 at the cost of 35 cents.  They had a group of 4 kids doing music of the day and many were in costume for the event. We had 2 sessions with standing room only and it was fun.
I tried to keep my presentation on the Spokane & Inland Empire Railroad that had about 140 miles of track with overhead wires and it was the modern way to run a railroad. They ran about 6 passenger trains a day as well as several freight trains that served the Palouse Empire including Moscow, Idaho and Colfax, Washington. I showed my photo CD collection along with maps and models.
Noted historian Charlie Mutchler followed up on the finer details of why they built it and how they did it. We had German officials in 1908 studying the line shown in the photo on the table to see what they could bring back to do it in the Fatherland. It was an enjoyable day for everyone including my wife who sat in on the first presentation, and she is not a railfan!

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