May 17, 2013

The new wall

Father Philippi Pesek is giving a blessing to the new wall at the Evergreen Railroad. Phil is not an official pastor but it looks like he is preaching to the followers when I took this photo of the new display. We took down the train cabinet as it was not being used and reset the photos and maps.
Three of the 4 different railroads that are shown and they all feature orange in their color scheme! This scene happens by accident and got the members to redo it for the photo!
New member Don Carnegie does a bit of switching in the Bakersville yard with his Milwaukee Geep. Don is the one who owns the Model T car I showed few months back that has the Milwaukee Road logo on the hood.
We can safely say Don is a Milwaukee Road fan.
The new branch line in front of the club got one step closer as Allan glued down the cork roadbed to hold them in place where the glue dried.

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