May 20, 2013

The Greatest Show on least the Spokane Valley!

When I walked into the club on Saturday and found Steve Welton running 2 new passenger trains on the layout. They were the Rio Grande California Zephyr and the Santa Fe El Capitan each with 12 or 13 cars each.
Each had 4 F units on the point and all the cars were detailed and lighted. They seem to be the best models ever made and not much more can be done to make them better. I asked Steve how much did he spend on them and he started to tear up. I won't ask him again.
The Cal Zephyr lasted a few more years after Amtrak started and was a feature train for railfans during that time.
Steve also ran a "poor man's freight train with only 2 F units. They were both sounded and pulled about 20 reefers.
I originally started shooting it in the darkness with most of the club's overhead lights off.  Alas less light makes for less photo quality.
Is the Blue line out of business? They have no freight cars in the yard so has business dropped off so much that all cars are gone? Strange?

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