May 10, 2013

Club news

One man works while the other "officials" look on. Let's see... we have legal council and the safety director looking on as Burt adds ballast to the Blue Mains.  Once the far reaching stuff is done then the other guys can come in and do the track work and the installation of the buildings  to the port district.
The train club is loaded with a bunch a AIco-haulics!  I brought in a collection of Alco locomotives to see how they would work and lined them up for posterity. The real American Locomotive Company went out of business in the US back in 1969. I still like the looks of the PA models. What's that E unit doing here? 
Our track cleaning train moved up on notch to completion when I finished painting the track car that actually cleans track. Our 3rd loco for this club set is now in the paint shop as the 2nd one had too many mechanical problems like the motor burning out the chip and cracked gears.
Our new addition was added by Allan this week to give us another industry to the club's layout. This is right by the front door and Al plans to photograph the Spokane Valley from Mica Peak on a sunny day and use the Spokane Valley as his backdrop to the scenery. Stay tuned. Better than a coat rack!

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