Dec 23, 2012

Playing with lights! And dirty steam engines!

Our normal get togethers for the Evergreen club is on Tuesday and Thursday but this week was a bit different. I stopped by the club on Friday and Mike Baker was there running trains with the wife and her son. Helen and I started talking about cameras and we got into shooting a lot of night shots with the club lights off except the layout.
The glow from the existing buildings was very impressive and it gave us a different look at our layout.
I showed up on Saturday and Tommy Frank was running his passenger train and Allan had a new set of 2-8-2 Mikados pulling his 20 plus car set of coal hoppers. They ran well but something was amiss. Could it be those shiny "Lionel like" driving rods? Perhaps?
Allan twisted my arm to make them look better ( read dirtier ) and this is what we came up with. How do you like me now?
Allan is a CP man and the proof is in the equipment he runs. Whatever he is running it is first class! Maybe he will bring this train to the open house next week on Saturday from 1 pm to 5 pm?

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