Jan 2, 2013

Playing with helpers

I have been not sending much the last week as my computer ate my Picasa program with all my photos on it!  I think I have recovered them but not in the order I like. Anyway here is a collection of stuff that would have never seen the light of day in real life! A Big Boy steam engine with Union Pacific markings on the point is not out of reason.
What is weird is that the train has a Southern Pacific Cab Forward doing the pasting on an SP&S caboose in the company of an NP coal car! Now I could tell you that I was pulling/pushing a 100 car train but then again I don't live in Washington, DC.
I gave these 4 SP&S Alcos some smoke because they are Alcos!
Allan had his good looking CP steamers working on the Green branch during the Open House last week pulling about 22 coal cars. I would guess we had about 180-200 people visit us. The newspaper had a 3 inch column on us and that helped from out the crowd.
Jimmy B. had his 3 Alaska F units doing a freight up the grade. Get those rings fixed before the EPA finds out!

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