Dec 13, 2012

A working man's trolley system !

Almost 2 years of effort went into creating a trolley line with 2 towns associated with it....we now have operations! The brass trolleys will sit in the shop area as retired equipment. The new Bowser PCC cars ran flawlessly!
The guys came up with a new name for the new trolley system called CART for Cobbleton Area Regional Transit. The theme will be...
They were San Francisco trolleys but now we own them and took the SF logo off the sides and added our own name. How many trolley lines have tunnels?
When you have an unlimited expense account anything is possible.
Burt and Allan worked on this project and now we have 2 operating trolleys. Burt donated $50.00 towards the cost and Allan will install station stops for the trolleys to start and stop on their own! Here we have the brain trust working out where the switches will fit for the soon to be port track plan. I added the lettering to the cars.  Next time take the trolley!

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