Dec 21, 2012

Coal trains? We got no stinkin' coal trains!

Oh yes we do! Steve Welton and Jim Bowden has long sets running tonight as well as an operating trolley line.
Now that the passenger trains are gone from Bakersville we can get back to running freight and making a few bucks for the stockholders.
Woops, there's that dinner train again! I just love that head light glow!
We renamed a building on the layout thanks to my good buddy Jim Bowden who said how come we have Mt. Whitney, Bakersville, Thomas Industrial Tools, Heppler Hardware but nothing for Jerry?  That gave me the chance to make my own signs through my sign business. Thanks Jim!
Here is how I make them out of aluminum license plate blanks. If there is a need for signs on your layout I can do these for $15.00 each and you supply the Jpeg art to me in the size and colors you require. Note the plate is 6 inches high and 12 inches wide but we need to watch out for the bolt cut outs so all the material is not useable. I can help you with the art if necessary and have them cut out and edged for finished signs as well. We can converse on this as well. 509-939-5845.

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