Dec 21, 2012

Thursday night ramblings

New member Frank Spuler had his Union Pacific SD45s working a freight train eastbound over Beaver Canyon this afternoon.
Later in the day 3 different passenger trains clog up Bakersville. There must be a convention going on to have this much traffic.
The power to these passenger trains were varied heritage as steam and diesel units from different railroads are apparent.
The unique power is a dinner train doing a tour of the Green branch and the headlight is not Photoshopped but as the camera caught it!
Tommy Frank's BNSF freight passes the excursion dinner train owned by Don Brereton in the front of the layout. The Green Branch is not for long cars such as these passenger cars but who would know that?  See that photographer at the end of the bridge?
To prove we are dealing in models and not real trains I took this photo of Don setting up the shot. You would thing Don would be smiling when I shoot a candid shot of him moving his models into position! Somebody say something to him!

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