Aug 30, 2012

Something old, something new!

Big Al Cunningham run his beautiful Canadian engines each with their appropriate passenger cars. Each came at the need for good looking trains but took different routes. The Maroon and Grey was taken by the Canadian Pacific and the two tone Green was taken by the Canadian National. Wouldn't it be a real treat to ride in either one today?
 Something new as it never was. This is an F45 that used to be my BN F45 but I sold it to one of our new members that wanted it in Northern Pacific. The price was right so enjoy a "what if".
The Port is open! The Occupy Cobbleton Port protesters have finally departed when management threatened to cut off electricity to the campers.
The club will discuss future plans for this area next Thursday. This is the last of the big projects left for the club to work on.
Management felt bad for the Occupy Port crowd so they constructed this work bench for the great unwashed to do their dirty work like weathering equipment, fixing things that weren't broken and add things that don't need them. I think I have everyone confused.
Jim Bowden had multiple trains running but the pride of the fleet was his 4-8-4 Santa Fe steamer.

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