Aug 19, 2012

Future photo spot for non trespassing railfans.

It's almost finished! The overpass on Havana Road is now paved and stripped and soon will be available for train shooting into the BNSF ( NP ) Parkwater/ Yardley, Washington. This was my favorite viewing spot before the bridge was built.
The water continues to rise in the mill pond. I would guess another 1/4 inch of liquid should do it.
The cars are lining up with extra logs and stuff on the other side of the mill. Soon production smoke will be rising from those smokestacks.
Brock and James showed up Thursday and ran these 3 monster SD90s on the railroad. They ran smoothly and are could pull lots of cars just like their big brothers.
 Mr. Persistence, Al Cunningham finally got his 3 CN locos to pull together and took his 30 car train around Old City.

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